Our current projects

  • Establishment of AFRIMUHERE’s Diaspora Partners and Friends Hubs (based in the West)

The Hub targets museums, NGOs, heritage, history & cultural associations to support AFRIMUHERE’s restitution work. It will facilitate AFRIMUHERE’s access to human, technical, and financial resources and exchanges to mutually benefit African diaspora to make restitutions a driver of the pan-African heritage renaissance on the continent.

Located in countries with significant African natural and cultural heritage collections, partners are expected to drive negotiations and logistics for restitution and build long-term partnerships with African museums and heritage communities.

AFRIMUHERE signed a collaborative MoU with the UK based African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) in November 2022. Other partnerships are currently under development with a center of excellence for the repatriation of human remains in Australia and heritage related organizations in the US.

AFRIMUHERE Members in Africa and diaspora-based Friends of AFRIMUHERE all over the world, throughout civil society’s decolonization movements, and in all of Africa’s heritage communities, universities, museums and on heritage sites are joining forces for the restitution of natural and cultural heritage to countries of origin.

  • Membership recruitment

Recruitment is targeted at African heritage professionals working in museums, universities, heritage sites, heritage communities and in the contemporary arts and sciences. The membership drive is also meant to include a new generation of heritage stakeholders, museum and heritage professionals, academics, students, artists and citizens joining together for pan-African heritage solidarity.

  • A 16-country restitution baseline study commissioned by the Open Society Foundations and coordinated by the AFRIMUHERE founding director is currently being concluded.