• AFRIMUHERE Organisational launch

AFRIMUHERE was launched in November 2021 and the keynote address was delivered by Dr. Kwame Opoku, arguably the greatest advocate for African restitution with over 300 publications on restitution. Other speakers who delivered solidarity messages included Hugues deVarine a former ICOM director, Professor Ciraj Rassool of the Western Cape University South Africa, Professor Patrick Efiboley of the University of Abomey- Calava, Benin and Mr. Terry Nyambe the vice President of ICOM, among others.

  • African Union’s experts working group on “Common African Position (CAP) on Restitution” The AFRIMUHERE founding director has been part of the AU’s experts working group that drafted the common African position on restitution which is currently being validated and popularised before its adoption by the African Heads of State.
  • Panellists at the UK Museums Association conference. The AFRIMUHERE Founding Director was a panellist at the UK Museums Association conference held at the beginning of November, 2022. The panel focused on ‘collaborative approaches to restitution and decolonising collections’. The other panel discussants were Njoki Ngumi from Kenya and Samba Yonga from Zambia.
  • Australian National University’s RRR (Return, Reconcile and Renew) centre for repatriation of human remains. A partnership is currently being established between AFRIMUHERE and the Australian National University’s RRR centre of excellence for repatriation. The AFRIMUHERE Founding Director was invited to and presented during the 11th session of their course on repatriation principles, policy and practice and during a brainstorming workshop on partnership development both held in September 2022.
  • Restitution: Progress and Problems. The webinar moderated by the Founding Director and one of the board members, Mrs Victoria Phiri. The webinar was attended by many people as the discussants -Dr. Kwame Opoku, Professor Benedicte Savoy and Professor Peju Layiwola are well known proponents of African restitution..


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